University District

Location: Generally bounded by SR-78, Industrial Street, Barham Drive/Discovery Street
and San Marcos Creek.
Description: 2,600 units of multi-family residential, 800 units of student housing, hotel use
(400 rooms), 638,000 s.f. of general office, 300,000 s.f. of medical office, 1,000,000 s.f. of
commercial/mixed-use, 30,000 s.f. of civic/community use.

Status: A Specific Plan Amendment was approved by City Council on 5/27/14. It included
various changes to the University District Specific Plan, addition/reduction in land use, new
land use category “adaptive re-use,” reduction in grading volumes, eliminate all export &
reduce volumes by nearly half. Revisions to interior circulation network, addition of
roundabouts, traffic calming & storm water improvements. Changes to park amenity
locations, etc., and an Addendum to FEIR. The Quad student housing phases 1 – 3 are
completed. A rock crusher for grading west of Twin Oaks Valley Road has been approved
but a modification is needed to relocate the approved crusher location. A Tentative
Subdivision Map for the east side of Twin Oaks Valley Road and future mixed-use:
Commercial, residential, office, public space was approved by Planning Commission on
7/7/14. A Site Development Plan for Block C: 193 apartments, 5-story with parking structure,
have been approved and building permit for the parking structure has been approved