San Elijo Recreation Center

The San Elijo Recreation Center is located on the south end of San Marcos off the Twin Oaks Valley Road exit. This facility accommodates smaller gatherings and can be used for family events, community meetings, business meetings, church functions, non-profit functions and more.

The Terrace Hall accommodates 100 people dining room style and 150 people theater style seating. The room is over 1,400 square feet and includes 100 chairs and 10 rectangular tables.

The Terrace Hall can be split by a room divider to create two separate rooms. One side the Terrace Room can accommodate 65 people and the other side the Fireplace Room can accommodate 35 people. The Terrace Room is carpeted and the Fireplace Room has a wood floor and a fireplace. This facility has a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator and countertop. The rental also includes an outdoor patio and grass area.

San Elijo Fee Schedule & Policies

San Elijo Use Application 2014